Mr. Tomato is a soft boiled, half hatched Egg who considers himself to be a strong, smart, mature buisnessman. He has a horrible memory and forgets plans the moment he’s made them, and his tiny squeaky voice leads people not to take him seriously…But Mr. Tomato’s infectious charisma and cute charm gets him far in life~ He’s hand sized and friend shaped and his favorite thing on earth is ketchup. He loves his partner, Manager Clover <3 



Manager Clover, Tomato’s other half, is a shy and nervous fellow that’s afraid of their own shadow. They’re very intelligent, when they’re not crying over a minor inconvenience. Clover takes care of the actual business work, since Mr. Tomato is too air headed to do most things in his CEO position at YolkaCola Co. Manager Clover is a Cola Leaf, and smells pretty yummy, but don’t eat them!! They’re small and tiny, a little bigger than hand sized and their favorite thing is sipping soda and snuggling their egg. Manager Clover’s cute, shy charm is overwhelming today uvu