Ploob is the writer and colorist of yolkacola! They’re a slow going snail with a love of writing and storytelling. They love Megaman and Mario Bros. and holds all their plot keypoints in their shell (there is a shell back there, right..?) They love creating comics with their wife, Splish. Ploob comes off kind of aloof but in reality they’re incredibly chaotic and ADHD is strong.



Mr. Tomato is a soft boiled, half hatched Egg who considers himself to be a strong, smart, mature buisnessman. He’s a forgetful cutie pie who is always smiling! He’s married to Mr. Clover and is our precious mascot! 



Splish is the artist of yolkacola! She’s a Hermit Crab with a passion for creation. She loves things like Stardew Valley and Magical Girls and holds any and all art supplies in her shell-it’s bigger on the inside. Splish loves creating and creating comics with her partner Ploob! She’s kind of shy, but when you get to know her she’s unhinged.



Mr.Clover, Tomato’s other half, is a shy and nervous fellow that’s afraid of his own shadow. He’s very intelligent, when he’s not crying over a minor inconvenience. Clover is always a nervous wreck, hiding behind Tomato, his husband! He’s our precious mascot!